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About Us

Scent Tobacco GmbH , located in the beautiful city of Koblenz , Germany is a manufacturing subsidiary of Scent Worldwide established in late 2017. It specializes in the manufacturing of Hookah Tobacco and various related products.

The company is a German privately held corporation, managed by a staff that are highly experienced in the production of Shisha Tobacco and business management.

The newly introduced brand Golden Smoke was created based on market research undertaken by professionals and marketing analytical researchers who have studied client needs and consumer flavor desires for over a year , gathering technical information on flavor mixes that are new, advanced and appealing to the majority. Golden smoke is blended with flavor mixes created specially to please you and the smoking community around the world.

Our production team has over fifteen years of experience in the manufacturing of this particular type of shisha and many of our team members have served in many various and respected companies, nationally and internationally.

Our manufacturing facility is fully automated, applying German standards, all our ingredients are made in Germany and are compiled by high quality German technologies.

Our Vision
To become the most admired shisha tobacco brand in the world.

Our Mission
To manufacture and sell top-of-the-line, smooth hookah tobacco products that are intended to appeal to the majority of shisha tobacco consumers.

Our Aim
To deliver a new life style of hookah tobacco smoking

Whom do we target?
We are targeting middle to upper class clients whom are 18 years old and above, who value the broad range of premier top-of-the-line flavored hookah tobacco products at competitive price, while providing special attention to their needs, a quality controlled product, and a professional customer service.


Golden Smoke is always concerned about the quality and the uniqueness of all products that hold its brand name . These quality standards will set Golden Smoke in a market niche by itself and after, made it a market leader of its industry. Achieving uniqueness in a product articulates many factors; including but not limited to the ingredients of the product itself, how it is presented, its price and the marketing tools that are set with it. Further, it goes more to after sales services, customers support and advanced consumer interaction, and ending with a guaranteed final consumer satisfaction.

In regards to our product ingredients; we only use the finest blend of EU French Flue Cured Virginia tobacco leaves, which are gold in color, low in nicotine and free of main leaf stems. Our tobacco is so natural that gives its smoker a true smooth smoking experience. The glycerin that we use is the purest among all others; it is extracted and refined from vegetables. We do not mix glycerin with other chemical materials that may act as glycerin, our main concern is the overall quality of the product as a whole. Golden Smoke manufactures its own formulated honey using the purest white sugar, void of additives that may substitute honey and may cause an unpleasant after taste. On top of that, Golden Smoke products are distinguished by the wide range of high quality, specially- made tobacco flavors by which many are natural, long lasting, full bodied flavor which mirrors exactly its elegant and delightful taste, reproduced by no other. In addition to all above, the technology and the scientific methodologies that we apply in our manufacturing processe makes our products standardized, up to the level and quality guaranteed.